All about Phosphatidylserine

All about Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a supplement that are beneficial for increasing the memory power and focus towards a particular thing. This is a compound that helps in decreasing the anxiety and stress .This also helps in increasing the metabolism and thereby maintains the cellular communication. Natural content of the Phosphatidylserine is mostly available in the cell membranes. Almost ten percent of the content is available in the membranes. The presence of this compound makes these cell membranes healthy and the glucose content in the body get utilised. This also helps in synthesising the dopamine and acetyl choline in the brain by which the combined effect of all this process helps in facilitating the cognition and thereby makes the brain provide the energy that is needed for the processing of information and increases the efficiency.


Stress is a factor that changes the whole mechanism of the body. This is caused due to the presence of cortisol. For this purpose the Phosphatidylserine capsules acts as a dietary supplement which helps in reducing the stress level of the body. The supplement also helps in maintaining the emotional balance of the body and also improves the memory power and ability to learn.

All the medical practitioners advise that exercise is one of the solution for reducing the stress and anxiety of the body. But the addition of Phospatidylserine can be more effective along with this work outs. This capability of the supplement helps in regulating the metabolism and also helps in burning the fat content of the body.

The supplement acts as a solution for the sleep disorders. This helps in the regulation of the cause which leads to the mental and physical stress. This also helps in increasing the mental focus and concentration.


Consuming the supplement with the regular dose increases the efficiency and is almost considered to be safe. Over use of this supplement can cause some of the side effects like sweating and sometimes this may cause upset in the stomach.  The standard dose of the supplement is from 100 mg to 500 mg. Clinically effective dose of 600mg is recommended. It is better to start the dosage from the low level and then gradually increase the same.

The purchase of this supplement in a bulk will be useful only if it is used in a less dosage for the relief of stress. The supplement can be combined along with L-Tyrosine which is an amino acid that helps in balancing the mood variations. Also combination with the Alpha brains the supplement benefits for the cognitive functions in the body. It is always better that we purchase the brain boosting supplement along with this so as to obtain better results.

During the purchase of the supplement through online it should be taken care that it is purchased from the website which is found to be genuine .There are many fake websites available today. It is always advisable that we consider the different reviews of the users so as to attain better results and use the product in a correct way. The dosage guidelines should be taken into consideration on advice of the medical practitioner or by the guidelines as per the supplement.