Buying the right contact lenses for your eyes

Buying the right contact lenses for your eyes

Shopping for the right contact lenses online can lead to great experiences that leave you with trendsetting eye colors or just something to help you ditch the glasses, but it is also important to understand the importance of eye care when choosing from the different sizes and types of lenses.

South Korean brands have been selling contact lenses that keep up with the styles and beauty trends prevalent all across south east Asian. Big eyes have long been a signature beauty point and achieving even bigger looking eyes with larger contact lenses makes it easier to achieve their goals. While most contact lenses are made to be around 14.2mm to fit the size of a natural iris, some brands are creating contact lenses with a diameter of 14.5 to 15.0mm. They come in a variety of styles and colors ranging from natural looking eye colors to theatrical styles each enhancing the look of the eyes in their own way.

In spite of how tempting it may be to purchase lenses of various sizes, it would be beneficial to visit and ophthalmologist who can find the correct contact size for your eye. If you were prescribed a size 14.2mm contact and you wore a size 14.0mm contact it might be too small and hurt your eyes, but a size 14.6mm contact might be too loose and not stay in place as easily. Contact lenses from Asian brands also come in a variety of sizes so you can still get the benefit of these Asian designs at diameters as little as 14.0mm.

Because of the dryness and irritation many contacts cause, the water content should be higher for some lens wearers. Acuvue Oasys by Johnson & Johnson has 38% water content as many GEO lenses have, but it also blocks 99% of UV rays which is an added feature many contact lenses don’t possess. GEO & G&G brands do however contain 38% to 42% water content and can last up to a year.

Various sites for contact lenses offer contacts with or without a prescription, but eye care should be considered before purchasing contacts from any website. offers a wide range of quality contacts from a variety of brands and with groupon coupons you can get the contacts you want for less.