Effects of Testosterone in Human Body

Effects of Testosterone in Human Body

Testosterone plays a very important role throughout a man’s life. The hormone is very essential as a prime driver of puberty, responsible for voice deepening, development of muscles, and the growth of pubic hair. There would be no hairs, beards or moustaches without testosterone, since it regulates facial hair development and sperm production. It is the hormone that makes a man a man and what gives them their appetite for sex. Declining in testosterone can be a normal part of aging but it must occur at young age. Pituitary and thyroid diseases as well as injuries to the testes can also drain your testosterone. Therefore it is necessary to keep a check on the effects of testosterone-containing creams.

Being the male hormone produced by testes, the level increase from puberty until a man reaches his 30s or 40s and then production naturally begins to decline. It is responsible for many male characteristics. When levels are normal; testosterone will effect overall mental, physical, emotional health and wellness. Maintaining optimal balance level will support both the body and the mind. Normal ranges are based on age, and can vary differently according to the age groups. The average adult male will have approximately 270 to 1070 ng (nanograms) per decilitre of testosterone, and that is truly a huge range.

The levels of hormones can be affected by lifestyles or environment such as poor diet, stress, obesity and many more. In some cases, low levels do not indicate a problem with testicles but may signify dysfunction or interruption of normal processes. Mental and physical status can also affect numerous hormones levels, including the effect on the body and a man’s mental state.

Here is the list of some of the symptoms of low levels testosterone:

  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Decrease in bone mass
  • Lessening sex drive and interest
  • Increase in fat
  • Increased irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Depression, or emotions like an overall sense of dissatisfaction

If you feel like holding low testosterone, you must reach your doctor. It will be necessary to follow some changes in diet and lifestyle and that may prove you to be very effective. It is good to maintain the optimal level. If there is increase in normal range, male may be at risk of adverse reaction. It is necessary to bring this view to those people’s minds who consume the supplements without consulting their doctor.

If an individual is diagnosed with low testosterone levels, the effects of testosterone-containing creams may not serve much effective. It can be altered with replacement therapy. If it is given via injection, it should be given only by a healthcare professional. When guided and monitored by physician, these therapy can be a boon to oppose side effects and adverse reactions. Use caution when it comes to steroid supplements. Effects of testosterone supplements can be powerful either you have too little or too much. Therefore it is necessary to maintain one at a normal level to allow easy and productive gain without any fear of ill effects.