Qysmia: Uses and Dosage

Qysmia: Uses and Dosage

Qsymia is potential weight loss drug aimed to provide aid to obese people who are also facing problems with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. It is not a cosmetic medicine; hence one should remember that before opting for Qsymia. Although it is a controlled drug, it is available through the online service. It has been approved By Food and Drug Administration department. After a lot of research and long wait, the agency has approved this drug to be one of the effective and safe drugs. Although, there are many other weight loss drugs in the market, but this drug works much better than others. This pill is a combination of appetite suppressant Phentermine and Anti-convulsantTopirmate.


In 2011, Vivus Inc. invented this pill. It is known as a combination drug. For people who are obese and facing health issue, the doctors usually prescribe two to three types of pills. Instead of that, Qsymia acts as both appetite suppressant and an anti-seizure drug to treat epilepsy. A single pill with power works better instead of two individually. The Phentermine is generally used by people for suppressing their appetite. It is used to give wrong notion to hypo thalamus gland located in brain, that the stomach is full. Thus, the person reduces its intake. Although it is effective and potent drug, studies suggests that, after a few days body tends to show tolerance towards it. There are many side-effects relating to Phentermine too such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, gastro-intestinal issues, depression and anxiety. Thus, when compared to single dose of Phentermine, Qsymia is much effect and works faster than Phentermine because of its dual combination. The other drug Topirmate is also great and has shown positive results in treating addiction towards alcohol, migraines, post -traumatic stress disorders and weight loss to certain extent. Visit http://fckfat.com/qsymia-dosage/ for more knowhow.


Initially doctors prescribe low doses of Qsymia. It might suit one’s body or there are chances where it might show no effect. It is suggested by Food and Drug Administration, that is the pills shows less effect in the first three months of usage, that is less than 3 percent of weight change, it is either recommended to quit intake or opt for higher dose. Like all other weight loss pills, Qsymia also should not be taken for long period of time. Many physicians start with dosage of 3.75 mg. They later move to 7.5 mg after a period of two weeks. Few doctors increase the level of the pill to 12 mg if they do not see any good difference in weight. According to the information provided in the website of Qsymia, the highest dose is 15mg. It is four times the initial dosage. The pill has too many risks associated with it, if consumed without physician advice. Thus, one should not take this pill without having knowledge about the right dose for your body.

While taking Qsymia, one should avoid the intake of ketogenic or kidney stones causing food stuff.