The Components of an Electric Cigarette

The Components of an Electric Cigarette

Many people don’t actually understand how an electronic cigarette works. Even those who have used this device before may not understand the different components; or how they work together to create the flavoured water vapour that the person inhales. There are four main parts to an e-cigarette, each of which can be replaced as needed. Some parts can actually be customised, too. Here is a closer look at each of these components and what they do.


The Battery

The battery is what powers the electric cigarette. These lithium batteries are similar to those used in other electronics, such as cell phones. The battery is found at the end of the device and corresponds to the lit end of a traditional cigarette, as some batteries have an LED light that simulates this burning glow. Older e-cigarettes used different types of batteries, but most of them now use the rechargeable lithium battery because it can easily be plugged into any USB charging port.

There are two different types of batteries for e-cigarettes. On one hand, an automatic battery activates the heating element every time you inhale, so it functions more like a regular cigarette. This is the more popular type of e-cigarette among those who have smoked traditional cigarettes before. Those who have never used an e-cigarette also favour this option because it’s much easier to use.

The manual battery, on the other hand, only activates the heating element when you press the activation button. This means you do have to remember to press the button whenever you want to inhale, and this does give you more control over the device. Those who have used e-cigarettes for a good amount of time generally prefer this, as it is easy to regulate the amount of vapour being produced.

You may also find batteries that come in different colours or materials such as stainless steel. X2 Cigs give you a couple of options for your battery in their e-cig starter kits.

The Atomiser

The battery is attached to the e-cigarette’s atomiser. This is the part of the device that contains the heating element. When the liquid enters the atomiser, the heat from this element transforms it into vapour that you can inhale. While the heating element gets incredibly hot, it is completely shielded from the outside casing of the e-cigarette, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers on the device.

The Tank

The next component is the tank, sometimes referred to as the cartomiser. This tank holds your flavoured liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine. In some e-cigarettes, you can remove this part of the device and refill it with more liquid, while other models may have disposable cartridges that you throw away when empty. Some cartomisers are completely clear, and many users prefer these “clearomisers” because it’s much easier to see when the liquid has run out.

The Mouthpiece

Finally, the mouthpiece corresponds to the butt of a traditional cigarette and is the part you actually place in your mouth. It funnels the vapour through the atomiser and into your mouth.